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Trail Bike Listings

Welcome to the West Midlands TRF trail bike listings. As we get regular emails from people asking for advice on the best trail bike to buy, these lists should provide the relevant information based on owners' opinions.



APRILIA TUAREG 600 WIND: 4str 600 Single

This is a rotax powered 4 valve ohc single, loves to be leant over on dry roads, but I haven't tried it in wet or heavy going. It's useless round town. It does like the throttle to be open. Elec and kick start, big tank, twin headlights, dry sumped, not for the beginner.
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R80G/S: a/c, 4str 797cc, twin

R100G/S: 4str, twin, es 220Kilos

R100GS 4str, twin, es

R80GS: a/c, 4str twin

Paralever R80GS. Good build quality bike. Pulls like a tractor, which combined with a low centre of gravity makes it ideal as an off road big trailie. Tours well but a bit thirsty, never quite reaching 40 mpg. Back brake is poor. Modifications include 1000cc big bore kit and twin plugged cylinder heads.
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R1100GS: 4str, twin, 8 valve, es,
5 speed

R1150GS: 4str, twin, 8 valve, es,
5 speed

F650 GS w/c, 4str., dohc, 652cc.


ELEFANT 350 0-a/c, 4 str, desmo v-twin.

ELEFANT 650/750-a/c, 4 str, desmo v-twin.

ELEFANT 750 (2nd generation) 0-a/c, 4 str, desmo v-twin.

Powered by virtually the same engine as the 750 Monster this is an accomplished Big Trailie in the mould of the Africa Twin. To big for any really nadgery or wet off road going, it’s none the less reasonably capable, and on the tarmac, fast and smooth. Painful service routines and very dodgy spares supply, will put off any but the most dedicated. 189kg dry, according to Cagiva, but curiously heavier than the 900!
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ELEFANT 900 (2nd generation) 0-a/c, 4 str, desmo v-twin.

1. Rortier brother of the 750, you get a chronically noisy dry clutch, as well as more torque and power. Put a race can on and open up the airbox on any of them and they are as fast as a BMW 1150 GS. The early models had fuel injection and ohlins rear shock, (all probably a bit shagged now), the late ones, upsidedownies, twin discs, mikuni carbs, shitty boge shock and better build quality. The Yanks fit 944 conversions, flat slide carbs, CR250 forks, Ohlins rear shock, and blast about the Baja. Could be Fun.
2. It is Fun. A year has passed, mine has a 944 kit, WP forks, 21" front wheel and a decent shock and it's a Gas. Actually surprisingly capable in the nadgery/steep going and handles really well on the tarmac. Do your off road stuff and still frighten the sports bike power rangers. The only downside, when all that momentum combines with failing grip and the usual useless rider inputs, it's still a sod to pick up. Beasty.
However, expect to get beaten hollow by Pat Tighe on a standard Africa Twin.
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CCM 404DS: w/c, 4 str, single

If your trails are far apart you need a bike that likes the open road. The 404 is a Suzuki DRZ400E engine in a new suit. Better frame, WP suspension. Very happy cruising at 70 on the road. Stable & tough off road. Not the lightest bike - but this makes it less fidgety on faster, firmer going. Not suitable for short of leg. Good value S/H. Nice to fly the flag (even if only the frame is British!)
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Pampera 200/250/320 w/c, 2 str, 6 speed, pre-mix, kickstart

EC80/125/200/300 Enduro w/c, 2 str,

1. Gas Gas EC300
Loads of power all over rev range, suprisingly good trail machine if you keep it out of the powerband. Potential for complete lunacy yet to be rivaled by a 4T when in the power band. And I can pick it up. Reliability has also been good. Crap on the road so do not buy for tarmac and the seat slices you in two after prolonged use.
1. Gas Gas EC300
Reach up and touch the face of God.
This is a stonking bike, aimed and sold for enduro. Due to the lack of niceties such as autolube and a decent sized tank it is perhaps a little focused to be used just as a trail bike. However as a bike for all round use, odd rally, enduro, and some trail riding, it takes some beating. Low weight, excellent balance combine with an engine which provides mellow low down torque, astonishing power surge as the revs rise and then an eyeball flattening powerband hit. All this combined with top notch suspension gives you an out of body experience.
Crap on the road, uncomfy seat? Just clamp your knees to the tank, spread the load along your thighs, it ain't too bad. Then take it into town traffic, instant adrenalin whack as the front wheel claws the air and you rip up the queues. Ooops, sorry that just slipped out, I used to be a despatch rider. Anyway, hooligan machine.
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EC400 w/c, 4 valve, e/s, single

EC450 w/c, 4 valve, e/s, single

Watercooled, electric start 4 stroke with state of the art suspension. Fuel injection means the frame is littered with electrical bits and pieces (some in the air box), so is, perhaps, a little fragile for the average mindless trail rider. However the engine is stonking with a flood of linear non-frightening torque, and that suspension, you can just fly over anything, and it goes where you point it. Handy auxiliary kickstart which is actually useable, unlike the 400. Be careful not to touch the throttle when starting though, or you’ll flood it up, tricky to do if you are kick starting.


Highland 950: w/c, 4 str,

Unique Swedish-built off road motorcycles with a superior power/weight ratio. Weighing just 165 kg, with a low centre of gravity and perfect balance, the Highland Motard, Outback & Allroad offers full control at all times.
You can cruise at highway speed without difficulty - even when you haven't seen a highway for hours.

highland-motorcycles website

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SL125: a/c, 4str, sohc, 123cc, single

The first Honda 125 trail bike (as far as I know) this uses the jewel like engine from the CG125. Astonishingly simple and reliable, this little gem of a trailie is a bit of a 70’s classic now, so if you can find a good one it’ll probably cost more than a far more capable, later trailie. The sturdiness was proved by a friend of mine who used to ride his from London to Mid Wales regularly, when he wasn’t trail riding round dodgy Peckham council estates.
Honda SL125. Actually has CB125S engine, same as XL125.
Tuning bits are easy, just split an old 500/4 kit. Same bore and stroke, valves etc. Air filter restrictive.
Exhausts rot easily (Doh! It's a Honda) but does anything. More road based than useful in mud.
Great bike; looks good and sounds beautiful. I got one for free as I found it in a barn nearby and farmer let me have it. Been there for 21 years, or so the tax disc says (1984). It was easy to get it going - only needed carb cleaning and a bit of re-wiring. Goes ok, good for powersliding! Exhaust rotted, easy to put most motocross silencers on, just a little bit of welding to silencer needed to fit.
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SL230: a/c, 4str, sohc, (Grey Import)

Great all rounder. Very reliable. Smart looking bike, great in traffic, very comfortable riding position. Totally unsuitable for pillion passenger, saddle too small, engine drops dead. Hates petrol stations! Needs lots of care to prevent corrosion, metal finishes not too great. 8 out of 10.
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TL125: a/c, 4str, sohc, 123cc, single

Ground breaking trials bike, this swept all before it in the late 70’s and early eighties, helping, in large part, to drive Bultaco out of business. Another user of that CG125 engine (obviously reworked) this is a super, light, robust and economical trials bike. Unfortunately a valuable classic now.
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XL125: a/c, 4str, sohc, 123cc, single

This is my 1st bike and I love it, power from the little engine is smooth from low to high revs. It is great on fue,l I am getting over 70mpg riding fairly hard "on road", off road I fill up twice compared to 3 times for my mates KMX125.
Downside is, it is a little underpowered, upside is that it is ultra reliable and very easy to ride.
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XL125R: a/c, 4str, sohc, 123cc, single

MTX125 w/c, 2str, 124cc, single

Honda MTX 125 RWF,
Good solid bike, lots of power over 6k mark
Quite a heavy bike, but very controllable.
A very enjoyable ride!
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MTX200 w/c, 2str, 198cc, single

CL250: a/c, 4str, 4 valve, sohc, single

TLM200/250: a/c, 4str, 4 valve, sohc, single

TLR200/250: a/c, 4str, 4 valve, sohc, single

XL185: a/c, 4str, sohc, 185cc, single

I've had 2 of these bikes so far and have found them to be utterly reliable despite serious use, with a nice torquey engine, light weight and reasonable power. My first bike I rode on the road, then around some local quarries, green laning in Derbyshire, 3 years sand-racing ,2 years enduros and the thing was still going when it was stolen from my garage! It's probably won the Paris-Dakar by now!
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XL250: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XL250S: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

1. Honda’s excellent bid for the 250 learner market in the ‘70s. Mad 23” front wheel, twin shock and brilliant engine. Bit tall but good on the trail, terrific build quality and keeps going no matter what. Very narrow oilway up one of the cylinder head studs, so keep the oil clean. Engine so good they created the CB250RS road bike around it, and a new market sector.
2. The XL250S is a great first bike, with a top speed around 85mph there is enough power for the field. The XL250S does needs to be looked after (just like the next bike) as problems will arise. This bike is a great trails bike, 18" rear wheel and 23" front wheel with good ground clearance, it seems to soak up the bumps really well.
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XL250 Degree: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XL250S Degree Manufactured 11/1995.
Quite a sophisticated machine, DOHC, front & rear discs, water cooled and 6 speed. A low seat height and 123kg weight make this a very easy bike to handle. Will commute to work, climb a hill or blast along a freeway at 110kmh. 80mpg is normal for city/country work. Drawbacks are small tank (9 litres), no tacho and average seat. Overall a great smaller dual purpose bike.
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XL500S: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XL250RC: a/c, 4str, sohc, 6 speed single

Replacement for the S, with monoshock rear suspension and a sensible 21” frontwheel. Same unburstable engine but with 6 speeds and a single gear driven balancer shaft, instead of 2 chain driven ones. Even better trail bike than the S, but obviously heavier than an XR (there were XR models of all the XL roadie trailbikes).
Killed in this country, as an official Honda model, by the change in the learner laws.
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XL250R: a/c, 4str, sohc, 6 speed single

Virtually the same as the RC but with the even better RFVC engine, as found in the XR250R’s that are so common now. Creamier engine than the previous one so an even better trail bike. All of these are grey imports as Honda thinks there is no market for them, sell bucket loads in the States though. As usual, all the road gear, so heavier than an XR.
Honda RFVC XL250R
Cheap fun bullit proof bike. I've got two, one's done almost 47,000 miles (burns abit of oil) the others done just over 4000 and is a dream. Producing 31 bhp, it's ideal for people with restricted 33bhp licences. Enough power too have fun with a forgiving nature.
Using the radial four valve compression this is a very fast, strong, and reliable bike. Has plenty of low end and plenty of high end. Very well balanced bike. Completely street legal. Handles great on and off road. Has 4,500 miles and starts on the first or second kick. Uses an auto decompressor to ease kick starting.
A very nice bike.
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XL500RC: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

1.) Nice to ride on the road and dry lanes. Becomes too heavy when you hit mud and the front end is too heavy for serious green laning.

2.) If only it would start from cold, once warm no problem and what fun, practical too if you need to go somewhere, anywhere quickly, or your tractors broken and you need to pull a plough. Too heavy for an old boy like me, needed help to lift it off my leg in the buckle street mud. So I bought an XL250 in bits instead.
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XL350/400: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XL600R: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XL600LM: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

Excellant and economic 'all rounder'.
Slightly lower than XR models and has both kick and electric start. A very well made bike.
Parts not too difficult to acquire. A 'must have' is a AKROPOVIC silencer!! Stonking bike with a stonking sound.
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XR200: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XR250R: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

Like all Honda's the build quality is fantastic, but this bike is let down by its overall weight and general lack of power. That said it would go anyway but with no particular sense of rush. Then there is the problem of starting the dam thing!!
Alan W
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XR250L: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

Honda XR 250L, road legal version of the XR 250, slightly less power and more weight due to smaller carb and more restrictive exhaust, metal tank & road legal parts,suspension as good and better g/box ratios for the road. A better trail bike for everyday use and power can be easily upped using s/hand XR bits.
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XR350: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

Honda XR400R

The first of the modern 4-T 400's, incredible low-down pulling power, comfy, supremely easy to live with and available with full-on Honda quality road going bits to boot. Honda's promise of 250 weight with 600 power was not quite met, and an XR4 is certainly no enduro weapon but if you want to ride anywhere without fuss or fault, leave the bike in the shed for weeks covered in mud and do it all again next time out, the Honda is the bus for you. The very model of an easy-to-live-with, competent all round dirt bike.
Thoroughly recommended.
Honda XR400
Absolute bombproof engine with great low down power that makes it an ideal trail-riding bike. But as with the XR250 it is a sod to start when it has been on its side.
Quite an old design by todays standards and if only they would have fitted an electric start button they would have set the standards.
Alan W
Honda XR400
Starting problems? try winding the idle up a little, & don't use the throttle when starting. This bike seems very sensitive to flooding (as did my DT250 Yamaha), but with a dash of decompresion & raised idle, it should start no problem. Sadly, I only discovered this days before I sold mine!
Honda XR400R
As an owner of an XR400 for the past four years and the addition of an electric start kit I can only say that it is now the most complete Trail bike I've ever ridden.
It will happily plod along on hard and difficult terain and is quite capable of zipping along with many of the newer machinary.
The myth about difficulty starting is just that a myth, there is a correct technique and if followed the XR400 will start first kick, even after being droped on its side.
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XR500: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XR600: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

Big old bus, armchair like cosseting for the rider until the going gets very technical, at which point the high'n'heavy XR6 needs a determined pilot to bully it around. Great road manners, bomb proof as only Honda's can be, a ripper of a big 4-T. The lorry driver's dirt weapon of choice.
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XR650L: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

NX650P Dominator: a/c, 4str, sohc, single

XLV600VP Transalp: w/c, 4str, sohc, 538cc, V-Twin

XLV600VP Transalp (2002 on): w/c, 4str, sohc, 538cc, V-Twin

XLV750: a/c, 4str, sohc, 538cc, V-Twin

XLV650 Africa Twin: w/c, 4str, sohc, V-Twin

XLV750 Africa Twin: w/c, 4str, sohc, 742cc, V-Twin

XLV750R Africa Twin: w/c, 4str, sohc, 742cc, V-Twin

XLV1000: w/c, 4str, V-Twin

Got off my CBR1000, onto the Vara, what a difference! No weight on the wrists, nice wide bars give plenty of control. Top end power is a bit lacking, but loads of grunty mid range torque - just what you need. Seat is extra comfy, upright riding eliminates my back pain. Long travel suspension is great on bumpy roads
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CRM 250 89-2002, w/c, 2-str single, balancer shaft, autp lube, k/s

Mk1: 89-91 Coventional forks, red plastics

1. Early 90's grey import, look-a-like for a CR250 of the late 80's but in reality shares few parts. Few faults and lots of support available now,with plenty of aftermarket goodies available. Later CRM's got steadily better although not too different from the first model (until the AR at least).
A peachy autolube 2-smoke engine, with loads of torque to make short work of snotty climbs. Tough and reliable, very easy to own. Pay around £1500 and sell it on in two years for the same money.
2. I own a CRM250R mk1. I bought it 3 years ago. I have been riding bikes on and off road for 20 years and my crm is 'the' all round, go anywhere motorbike. I go riding with my three crm owner friends. Thats my mk1, two mk2s and an XR400. Great build quality and you can clean it with ease. Fantastic reliability. What a shame that Honda decided to stop making 'em. Moto x, trials, track days, Sainsburys etc it does it all.
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Mk2 : 91-94 USD forks, bigger rear shock

Bit of an improvement over the Mk1 with groovy upside down forks, bigger shock and new graphics. All the advantages of the MK1, light, reasonably powerful, but, unusually for a two stroke trail, will chug along like a trials bike at low revs, so it will pull you out of trouble if you’re a bit crap. Usual great Honda build quality, so it just keeps going. Great beginners bike.
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Mk3: 94-97 Up-dated suspension, seperate oil tank

AR:97-2002, Active Radical ignition

Great trail bike.As an offroad novice I found the AR the perfect bike.Very torquey for a 2 stroke and has proved very reliable.13-47 gearing perfect for offroad, making performance very lively.Also very low depreciation. Even after 12months ownership I can't think of a more suitable bike.
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SL230: a/c, 4str, sohc, single, e/s

XR400R: a/c, 4str, sohc, single, k/s

XR650R: w/c, 4str, sohc, single, k/s

CRF450R: w/c, 4str, sohc, single


Husqvarna TE410

Husqvarna TE410 Electric start 2000 model. Bought for green laning, which was fortunate; it proved too heavy to be competitive. It has a poor reputation in the water, assumed by many to be caused by the low air box. I thought likewise until an ignition failure caused the replacement of all ignition components; now only drowning will stop the engine. Timing chain only seems to last 10,000km.
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KE125/175: a/c, 2 str, single

A basic but sturdy air-cooled twin shock trail bike, the later ones had quite racy looks. Basic, but easy to live with, with autolube and a very reliable, easy to kick engine. Mostly sold in Asia and Australia to a million farmers. If you're penurious and want to use one for trail riding, it’ll get through most stuff and keep up with the average TRF run. Not for the easily embarrassed though.
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KMX125: w/c, 2 str, single

KMX200: w/c, 2 str, single

Powered by a single 2T 200cc engine. Fast and reliable. Excellent for both of on and off road use. Not as good as the KDX off road but if you want a mix of both this is the bike to get. The suspension is great and soaks up any bumps it crosses. Parts are usually cheap and easy to find. This is a powerful bike and loads of fun.
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Kawasaki KDX125SR

Light, well suspended, and nimble quarter litre stroker. Plenty powerful enough for eager novices after the addition of a full flow exhaust, while retaining full road legality with proper lights, indicators, mirrors etc.
Learner abused bikes should be avoided, but the square section steel frame was from a KX125 and it shows. A pretty little thing, at one stage the KDX had the dubious honour of being "Britain's Most Nicked Bike". Hellish seat will make your buns bleed on long road sections.
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KDX125SR: w/c, 2 str, single

KDX175/200: w/c, 2 str, single

KDX 200/220: w/c, 2 str, single

KDX 200/220SR: w/c, 2 str, single

KDX 250R: w/c, 2 str, single

KDX 250SR: w/c, 2 str, single

KL 250: a/c, 4 str, single

KLR 250: a/c, 4 str, single

Chunky and reliable, the KLR is technically advanced with watercooling, but what do you get for it? A slightly overweight bike that will chug through anything and is reasonably well suspended but isn’t exactly a sparkling performer. Getting on a bit now, it never really won the fight with it’s contemporaries so is well overtaken by the current generation of trailies. However it’ll get you there and it won’t frighten you...
My first ever off road bike and what a heavy old bus? Very front-end heavy that is highlighted when you come across a small obstacle then try lifting the front wheel?
That said it would generally go anywhere & everywhere at a steady pace, but try and rush it!
Alan W
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KLX 250: a/c, 4 str, single

KLX 250R/S/SR: w/c, 4 str, single

KLX 300R: w/c, 4 str, single

A bike in a capacity class of one; a bored KLX250 which proved fast, incredibly nimble, superbly suspended and incredibly fragile. After eight months and three case splits enough was enough; a shame, as the 300R is possibly the perfect trail bike balance between ease of use and performance. (if only that engine would hold together). Never sold as road legal, lights and fittings may vary from "factory quality" to "total shite". Another Kwak seat from hell.
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KLE 500: w/c, 4 str, single

KLR 600: w/c, 4 str, single

Kawasaki KLR600 B2 1992, very light on front, very reliable. It starts first time, has loads of four stroke grunt, perhaps better on road than off (bit heavy for off road) but still good fun.
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KLR 650: w/c, 4 str, single

KLR650 Tengai (B2) 1991
23liter tank and so far I have had 210miles out of it but that did leave a few more liters in the bottom of the tank.
Rather heavy on the front end. But on open lanes it is well up to the job with plenty of tourque.
The main downfall of this bike is the 17inch Rear Wheel, no trials tyre for it :-(
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KLX 650/R: w/c, 4 str, single



125/200/250/300/360/380 EXC: w/c, 2 str, single

A very light & powerful bike that has more mid range power than you would expect from a bored out 125.
Don't hold it wide open on the road or it may nip up.
Don't put any pressure on the side stand or it will snap.
Don't expect it to run right in the cold (carb icing).
KTM200 EGS (autolube)
The bike to have. I have run mine now for 12 months and done some interesting stuff on it. It has given me no problems at all and a year end strip down including new chain/sprockets, rear wheel bearings, rings, gaskets, gearbox oil seal etc etc all part of normal wear and tear cost £250 all in - hardly a kings ransom for a years entertainment. I have had no problems with carb icing, the answer is to blank off the nearside rad inlet. The quality of suspension and instant throttle response is what makes this bike the most fun. Highly recommended.
KTM 200 exc 2003 model
If you want a bike with plenty of low to mid range torque and ample power on top then this is the bike to buy. Excellent suspension front and rear with no linkage to strip and grease. Super light like a 125.
KTM 200 exc 2002 model
My first off road bike was the trusty XR400 2001 Did a season of hare & hounds the bike coped well but suspension for this activity was too soft.
Just purchased the KTM, what a bike, felt good straight away, power is awesome, almost 250 power in a 125 chassis. The ultimate Hare & Hounds weapon. At 5'8" bike fits like a glove "bring on the four strokes pop pop pop" !!!
Give me the zing of this motor against a fourstroke any day, don't believe the fourstroke hype!
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LC125: w/c, 2 str, single

250 EXC: w/c, 4 str, single

KTM 250 EXC 4 STROKE 2002 -
Small bore version of the 400/520 EXC does'nt pack the same punch as it's bigger brothers,but rewards the rider with a smooth, progressive (unintimidating) spread of power.Handles trail debris with ease.Very high build quality and top spec components. What more can I say!
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350/400/620SC: w/c, 4 str, single

400/520EXC: w/c, 4 str, single

Loads of grunt and light for a very powerfull machine.
Niggles are 1) Fork seals prone to leak (neoprene fork protectors save the day)
2) Watch out for bearings going, once they start they go VERY quickly and can ruin the hub 3) Watch out for cam chain adjustment, have been known to break.
Steering is quick, so watch that front tyre, steering dampers tame everything down.
Front brake can be a bit vague, oversize disc gave me halfway decent braking.
Keep the gearing low, unless you are VERY quick, 14/49 gives reasonable gearing, stock is something like 16/42 and is way to quick.
If you have the orange seat cover, replace it with a plain black one as you will find the fading on the orange goes very quickly.
Despite all this, you will have one the quickest and lightest enduro bikes known to man!
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400EGS: w/c, 4 str, single

620/640EGS: w/c, 4 str, single

Adventure & R 620/640: w/c, 4 str, single

Duke 620/640: w/c, 4 str, single


TS50ER: a/c, 2str, single

Lightweight low seated 50, great if you fancy a little play off road but are a bit short of leg.
Reasonable off road but mine used to die if it got too wet.
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TS120 Trailcat: a/c, 2str, single

Suzuki TC 185 Ranger: a/c, 2str, single .

10 speed box (5 speed with a two speed high and low ratio), Electric Start, Lots of chrome for the Yanks, does neither Road or Trail very well due to compromise . Engine is slow and suspension is poor off road . Posing tool only. Rare in UK.
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TS125/185: a/c, 2 str, single

I had one of these when I was 16 used it for everything including riding enduro's without even changing the gearing raced on Sundays (including ISCA 2 day) and used for work on Monday. Dropped it, crashed it, filled the engine with water, removed plug, pumped out water with kick start and off we went again.
A tough little trailie rare now and only cost £315.00.
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TS125/185ER: a/c, 2 str, single

TS250: a/c, 2 str, single

TS250ER: a/c, 2 str, single

TS50: a/c, 2 str, single

TS50ER: a/c, 2 str, single

TS50X: a/c, 2 str, single

TS125X: w/c, 2 str, single

Suzuki TS125X - This was a great 125, in standard trim they were average performance wise but taking out the exhaust restrictor gave them a fair turn of speed. Changing the tail pipe made mine a lot snappier and gave it a very nice exhaust tone. The TSX had the praised Suzuki Full Floater suspension system and this worked very well and made the TSX excellent on the trail. This bike was a lot of fun, reliable and looked very good too.
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TS125R: w/c, 2 str, single

I got mine as my first 'bike. Can't rate it high enough, although performance parts are near non-existent, it still pulls 75mph and gets there pretty bloody quick! I've thrashed the pants off it and it's never let me down once. If Suzuki did what Yamaha has done, kept it on and supermoto'd it, I think Yamaha would be the ones losing out!
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TS200R: w/c, 2 str, single

This bike is rare in the UK, in fact it's only popular in Japan, so its a grey import in this country. However, it's a gem, a hybrid cross between an enduro and motor cross bike. It has speedo, lights, indicators and sidestand and weighs the same as a 125, at 112 kg, It has USD forks, adjustable rear suspension, Nissin disc brakes, alloy swing arm, alloy wheels. It looks great too. The engine pumps out 35bhp, the only problem, as with all grey imports, is that parts are not easy to come by. Its a shame more people don't ride this bike, they would if it was more common.
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TS250ER: a/c, 2 str, single

Rare for parts as only made for 3 years. Very relaible and long lasting and very simple air cooled motor. Will just keep going and going. Quite powerful even by today's standards. Reasonable on and off road, but not brillant at either due to 121kg weight. Gets heaps of attention from 40+ riders as they know them.
Great bike for every day use,due to its light weigh, low seat hight, and upright seating position. Easy to work on, even for someone like me, who has basic mechanical/electrical skills.
Powerful enough to be ridden two up, when required. The 6v electric system, on my bike anyway, works fine. Although if your system is 12v, the weaker headlight on the TS can take a bit of getting used to on a dark winters night. And, its a great looking bike.
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PE175: a/c, 2 str, single

PE250: a/c, 2 str, single

PE400: a/c, 2 str, single

RMX250: w/c, 2 str, single

An old bike that still has many fans including myself. If you want a good bike for green laning at a very good price then this is the one to go for. Not to good for lots of road miles (what 2-stroke is?) and perhaps not ideal for the novice, but get to grips with it and the RMX will keep up with any of today's modern bikes.
Alan W
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RMX250S: w/c, 2 str, single, autolube

SP370: a/c, 4 str, single

Suzuki SP370, Quite low seat height and easy to kickstart. Great off road with enough grunt and not bad on road either, put a decent set of tyres on and enjoy.

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SP400: a/c, 4 str, single

DR125: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR125 Raider: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR200: o-a/c, 4 str, single

If you read all the write-ups about this bike they say that it is underpowered, but remember that it is only 200cc & its 4 stroke! Nice low seat height and more than enough grunt if you are prepared to rev it. I would recommend this machine to anyone that is considering trail riding. Typical prices are around a £1000 that makes it fantastic value for money.
Alan W
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DR 200AE: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 250 & Djebel: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 350: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 350SEW: o-a/c, 4 str, single

1). Electric start version of the venerable DR350. The kicker was incredibly popular in the early nineties, the e-start less so for some reason.
Perceived differences between the enduro kicker and the road-biased electric start bike may be to blame, but in reality the two are much closer than "they" would have you believe. Typical Suzuki build quality (ie crappy) coupled with a heavy, ponderous bike will grind you down eventually, but not before the incredible drive from the engine gets you up and over anything.
2). Suzuki DR350ES (ELECTRIC START).
I have a 1997 model, all original, R reg, 3857 miles on the clock,(genuine). Can`t fault the bike as a return to trail biking 37 year old that I am. It starts easily, cold or hot, so long as you follow the handbook. It goes where you point it. Very reliable, not bad on petrol, 40mpg average. £122 insurance full comp. The only way I will get rid of it is when it gets nicked like my last bike. Brand new KMX 200, that I loved. Still want XR400 though.
3). Suzuki DR350 SET.
Absolutely fabulous bike. Starts on the button every time, even after 6 months being unused. Ideal for road and trail use. Quick enough for everything but motorway miles. Pretty faultless
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DR 400S: o-a/c, 4 str, single

Suzuki DR400S
Loads of grunt but a very heavy bike. Good front suspension and you can fit after market twin shocks easily. Front drum underpowered for a heavy bike. Difficult to find an after market exhaust. Give this one a miss!!
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DR-Z 400S: w/c, 4 str, single

Good and solid, with plently of ground clearance, the DRZ is well suited to trail use. The power delivery is quite progressive, and so controllable. Power is also easily increased with minor mods (if required). On the downside, some riders may find the bike tall and heavy.
A great bike that carrys the extra weight very well.
On plus side it has a fantastic low down power delivery that makes for a great trail machine.
The down side it that it does not seem to have any sense of urgency about it, dont get me wrong, it will go.
Nice smooth power delivery. Rather heavy but carries it well. Rear suspension a little to soft. Watch for faulty cam chain tensioner, which will cause chain to fall of gear wheels causing much damage! Aftermarket item can be bought on eBay. All that said, the bike flatters my riding and is thoroughly recommended (just watch for cam chain noise).
Gary Smith
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DR-Z 400 & E: w/c, 4 str, single

Suzuki's replacement for the old 350, available in enduro or road trim.
Light, nimble with an incredible engine although falling short of the climbing ability of the old Honda, plus rather odd ergos. Improvements in build quality but could still be much better. A fine bike, but somehow missing something...
Words alone cannot express my delight over this bike!
Fantasic awesome power and with plenty more on tap with a some rejetting.
The down side is that the power delivery is all at the top end and would therefore suggest that prehaps it is not a beginners bike.
The finish is a bit chessy as it is with my Suzuki's, but slap on a pair of Supermoto wheels and you have the perfect two in one bike.
In terms of value for money you WILL NOT better it, truly the best bike on or off road that I have ever owned & that includes my Fireblade, GSXR & the CBR600....enough said!
Alan W
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DR 500S: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 600S: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 650RSE: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 650: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 750: o-a/c, 4 str, single

DR 800S: o-a/c, 4 str, single


Tiger: w/c, 4 str, dohc, Triple



TTX 150: a/c 4 str, sohc, single

I bought one of the Chinese xr/xlr Honda 125 copies about three months ago. Being a 54 year old ex pro motor crosser I was not expecting too much, but for a new bike for a grand on the road I hit the jackpot. It has done 1,900 miles without a murmer, nothing has fallen off yet I have had it in the air a few times, always lands on it`s feet, sturdy well ballanced, 70mph on the road with tractable engine for most off road stuff. Kept up with kids on 125 2stroke smokers & showered a few with mud. I'm going to fit a 200 cc engine in soon, I bet it will give a few XR 250s a good run being lighter and more agile. I should really keep these bikes a secret before everybody is riding them.
John Pointon.
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TTX 90: a/c 4 str, sohc, single

TTX 50: a/c 2 str, single


Yamaha DT50MX SOHC 2-Stroke (1988)

Great bike for starting off with. Easy to work on and cheap to repair. Underpowered but it is only 50cc! Better to get the later CDI model (1989 on). Gets very hot off roading as its only air cooled. It won't be long before you need at least a 125cc though
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DT125/175: a/c, 2 str, single

DT125/175MX: a/c, 2 str, single

YAMAHA DT175MX, lovely old bike, light weight and easy to ride. Great as standard or fit a decent pipe and reed valves, a suspension jack up kit and decent tyres and it makes it even better.

'The' trail bike to have (20 years ago). Still keeps up with most newer bikes. Easy to ride but has peaky power-band at about 6,000RPM which can lift the front wheel unexpectedly. Loads of spares available. A good cheap trail bike and an excellent return to bikes for us old gits!!
I just bought one for £200 and it leaves a lot of the newer bikes standing at our local track. A really fast old bike that people on the newer crossers watch in awe! First one I've had, but definitely not the last.
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DT125LC/R: w/c, 2 str, single

Yamaha DT 125 LC
Excellent on and off road , very fast up to 100 m.p.h! (Indicated(Ed.))
K ills any other 125 off the lights easily and most cars!
O pen up the power band and they fly . Excellent for experienced riders and beginners.
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DT200(R): w/c, 2 str, single

DT200WR: w/c, 2 str, single, autolube

1)This is a very good handling bike . The engine is smooth & powerful while maintainance easy & cheap . I have never regreted buying this bike. Although Yamaha have stopped production , spare parts are easy to come by.
2)This is a good handling bike, with an engine that is smooth & powerful. Maintainance is easy & cheap and I have never regretted buying this bike. Although out of production , spare parts are easy to get hold of, and the bike rarely fails.
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DT230 Lanza: w/c, 2 str, single, autolube

Hi, I am on my second Yamaha DT230 (lanza) its a great bike, I got one of the last ones (01) I've had CRM's , XR's, but this suits me fine,if you fancy one my advice is go for it, uk DT 125 body parts fit too, superb !!
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DT250MX: a/c, 2 str, single

DT400MX: a/c, 2 str, single

IT125/175/200: a/c, 2 str, single

IT250: a/c, 2 str, single

Solid & reliable, air cooled 2 stroke. Arrived on the scene in the late 70s & were discontinued in the late 80s. These were serious Jap enduro kit at the time, run on premix fuel & with very basic lighting (6v). Thus not recommended for extensive road use. Later versions have monocross linkage suspension. My 1983 model is reasonably powerful, with good suspension but poor brakes. This is my second IT, and they all seem to vibrate excessively so watch for loose bolts etc. Great old machines which can often be bought cheaply!
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IT425/465/490: a/c, 2 str, single

WR200: w/c, 2 str, single

Excellent bike light, easy to ride, good suspension, fairly low, very comfortable and good handling. Powerful enough to wheelie in second gear without clutch, but not enough for long uphills. Good beginners bike but a little underpowered for heavy riding.
Garth, South Africa
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WR250: w/c, 2 str, single

WR500: w/c, 2 str, single

TDR250: w/c, 2 str, Parallel Twin

XT125: a/c, 4 str, single

Yamaha XT 125 a very reliable bike with body stying of it's own. The engine is not fast, but it does climb any hill with ease. Fuel consumption, 80mpg+. The suspension is very good on and off road.
The bike did not sell well due to competition from the DT 125LC, and it got a slatting in the press for it's performance (restiction laws had just arrived). However it's a better four stroke bike than the other 125's on the market,
It's worth knowing that the XT225 has the same engine but a bigger bore and stroke.
Recommended as a good, economical greenlaner
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XT225 Serrow: a/c, 4 str, single

XT250: a/c, 4 str, single

XT250: a/c, 4 str, single (89 on)

Yamaha XT250 A.C.
Simple and trouble free bike. Good light duty trail bike. 2 valve engine is not overly powerful, but balancer shaft makes it smooth. Top end oiling is suspect and high speed road crusing can wear flats in cam. Change oil often. Monoshock suspension is not plush, but recieves jolts well. Possibly the lightest 250 four stroke enduro. Recommended.
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TT250: a/c, 4 str, single

TT250-R/Raid: a/c, 4 str, single

XT350: a/c, 4 str, single

XT225: a/c, 4 str, single

TT350: a/c, 4 str, single

WR250F: w/c, 4 str, single

WR400: w/c, 4 str, single

Yamaha WR400
Early starting problems were solved in 2000 with the red hot start button on the carb; but the reputation stuck. I've never had problems starting even when dropped, if it doesn’t go first kick, pull the hot start and it goes second kick.
Trundle it in third then whack it open and the power comes in instantly, get it buzzing and it’s awesome.
Suspension, balance and light weight inspire great confidence over all terrain. As another owner said to me, “it’s the first four-stroke to ride like a two-stroke”.
Andy P
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WR426F: w/c, 4 str, single

Hot-poop definitive performance 4-T from the company that invented trail bikes (and the R1). An absolute rip-snorter of a bike, a delight to ride in short bursts but ultimately the full-on nature of the bike does become tiring.
Compact and a twat to work on, also seems prone to cranking in water. New electric start 450 version seems to be a bit more refined (if you believe the hype). The psychopath's dirt weapon of choice.
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XT500: a/c, 4 str, single

Weak drum brakes are very frightening when wet at the end of a long, fast straight, and the CDI box's durability is questionable. Tons of power in low RPM's, easily converted to newer YZ250 front fork and disk brakes, although rear suspension ugprades are more difficult. Excellent and comfortable for slower trail rides, but high weight makes it a handful at higher speeds on tight or rough trails.
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XT600 & 600Z Tenere Mk1.11.111: a/c, 4 str, single

Utterly bullet proof with a dry sumped engine based on the old XT500. Great favourite with the ‘ride across Africa’ brigade. Early eighties bike really so it’s a bit of an ancient design now, but the mid eighties ones are the favourites, with both electric and kick start. The all electric boot models suffered from shit starter/ shit battery syndrome. Z models had a twin head lamp fairing which made them great for trail riding, then blasting home at 100 mph on the motorway. Bit heavy though.
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XT600E (500): a/c, 4 str, single

TT600E: (belgarda) after XT550 & XT600, nice to have electric start. Has always started first time. Feels heavier than previous mounts, slightly down on power, and more road oriented, but still capable of easy off-road. Great looking bike, look for early models with ohlins rear shock
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TT600E: a/c, 4 str, single

TT600: a/c, 4 str, single

This bike is powered by a 595cc single cylinder and does top speed of 90mph, tried with success. great for a field bike but not enough top end for road use. This was my first bike and was great to learn on as it works at low rpm as well as a fist full. it has a second carb that opens around 2000rpm and you feel it, like a nos boost. great fun but not very reliable, had it 5 days and spent £600 on it already, but has run sweet since(6 months).
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TT600R: a/c, 4 str, single

Yamaha TT600R (2003)
Pleasantly surprised, comfortable, bags of torque, much 'friendlier' than the DR-Z. Some nice modern touches but Yamaha are asking top money 4.5k. Feels smaller than the competition therefor possible to green lane.
I liked it a lot and might well get one, shame it wasn't £750 less
Yamaha TT600R.
Front wheel is not central in forks. Expect wheel to be 6-7mm over to left hand side. Shimming of wheel and caliper by 3mm will correct this problem.
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XTZ660: w/c, 4 str, single

Yamaha XTZ660K. Previously had an XT600 but XTZ660 handles better on tight dirt and sealed roads. Now on my second after looping and destroying first on rutted pebbled dirt road in Central Australia. Have also done a 9000km trip (1000km on dirt roads) in 28 days with pillion and full camping luggage. Around 19 to 21 km per litre at moderate 100 kph speeds. Recommended.
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XTZ750 Super Tenere: w/c, 4 str, 10 valve, dohc, parallel twin

TDM850 Super Tenere: w/c, 4 str, 10 valve, dohc, parallel twin